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CA N A L S I D E S U M M E R C ON CE RT S E R I E S (EV ERY T H U R S DAY, T H I S MO ST LY FR E E CO N CE RT S E R I E S ON TH E WATERFRONT AT CA N A L S I D E AT T R AC TS T HO U SAN DS O F PE O PLE TO E NJOY A WIDE VARIETY O F M US I C I N ON E OF T H E CI T Y’S MO ST PI CT U R E S Q U E O UTDOOR VENUES) © JOE CASCIO Buffalo: a city that smells like CHEERIOS The sweet scent of freshly baked Cheerios frequently wafts through air anywhere within a few miles of General Mills in downtown Buffalo. SPONGE SH A R K GI R L AT CA NA L SI DE © A.C. WILLIAMS CANDY A chocolate candy with an airy, crunchy, caramelized sugar center. SHARK GIRL A public art sculpture at Canalside, “Shark Girl” is the absurdly unique creation of artist Casey Riordan Millard. A popular spot for selfies, follow her @sharkgirlbflo. © A.C. WILLIAMS 47