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Orleans County POPUL ATION: 41,810 (2015 est.) L AND ARE A: 391 sq. mi. L ARG EST MUNICIPALIT Y: Albion – Population: 8,406 (2015 est.) Boating, fishing, hiking, biking, cross- country skiing, and more await in lovely Orleans County, which offers waterways like Lake Ontario, Oak Orchard Marina, and the Erie Canal. With abundant freshwater and sunshine, agriculture is the primary industry and much of the county is dotted with corn, maple, apple, berry, and other produce farms. The charming villages of Albion and Medina offer cafes, galleries, and antique shops. Wyoming County POPUL ATION: 41,074 (2015 est.) L AND ARE A: 593 sq. mi. L ARG EST MUNICIPALIT Y: Warsaw – Population: 4,922 (2015 est.) Wyoming County is a year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts with miles of trails and rivers, as well as Letchworth State Park — the “Grand Canyon of the East.” Agriculture is the county’s primary industry and it’s a leader in dairy and maple production. The region’s abundant natural resources also support green-energy technologies, as well as advanced manufacturing and precision agriculture. © WYOMING COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & TOURISM 23