Advanced Business Services

Buffalo Niagara has created a thriving cluster that has become an affordable cost alternative for back office operations of banks, insurance companies and call center operations. The concentration of business degree programs available through our local colleges and universities, combined with our low cost of living, provides employers with a highly educated workforce with affordable wages. Data centers can reduce operating costs and be more environmentally friendly by tapping into hydropower from Niagara Falls and by using ambient air cooling that our moderate climate provides.

Industry Overview

3,975 facilities | 73,823 jobs
39 majors | 4,447 graduates

Business Advantages

  • 38% of the population holds an associate degree or higher 
  • With numerous four-year colleges within the metro area, recruiters have easy access to a yearly output of 25,000+ eager job seekers 
  • Dedicated workforce, boasting turnover rates that are half the national average 
  • Existing professional support services have competitive but reasonable wages. The average published customer service representative wage in Erie County is $23,432 per year.  The national average is $33,519
  • Cost of living in Buffalo Niagara is 0.4% above the national average
  • Buffalo Niagara is an easily accessible location that enjoys good infrastructure and regular, reliable and affordable air service
  • Highly redundant and reliable electric and IT infrastructure