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Interview with Marty Berardi 

President of Medical Devices Group, Moog Inc.

Founded over Sixty years ago, Moog began as a designer and manufacturer of components for the aerospace industry.  Today, however, Moog has broadened its industrial base, with its motion control technology enhancing performance in a variety of markets and applications, from commercial aircraft cockpits, to power-generation turbines, to Formula One racing, to medical infusion systems

An important area of Moog’s business is its Medical Devices group. Its goal is to bring an unmatched combination of focus and breadth of expertise to a range of medical device technologies that will simplify processes, increase safety, and enhance patient and caregiver outcomes.  The team specializes in infusion therapy devices among other areas. Download an overview.

Q. What do you think are Buffalo Niagara’s greatest strengths & assets, particularly as they relate to the Medical Devices industry?

A. Right now there is a real strong movement to maximize the medical business market in Buffalo ….that attention is the real asset.

Q. What factors encouraged Moog to enter into the medical devices industry subsector?

A. It had been a growth aspect of medical devices. While all other industries had seen their fair share of ups and downs, medical had seen a steady growth pattern over very long periods of time. The area we selected “fit” the DNA of Moog with precision, reliability and regulatory aspects.

Q. How has Moog’s recent acquisition of Ethox International strengthened the Medical Device group? 

A. Ethox helped us understand some of the key areas of our devices business. Especially, the areas of manufacturing of disposable  products which are produced in very specific ways.

Q. What collaboration work, if any do you (Moog) participate in with other local institutions or companies? 

A. We are still looking for the perfect fit , but we are deeply involved in the areas of education at the University and will continue to look for the other company relationships that nest well with our device technologies.

Q. What Regional organizations, clubs or events do you personally participate in, and at what level, (non-life sciences related)?

A. The BNP, Canisius College Board of Regents , The Park School Board of trustees, and a few business groups.

Q. What is your outlook for the growth of the Life Sciences industry, especially in medical devices, in Buffalo Niagara over the next 5-10 years?

A.  This could be the “bell-ringer” sector for WNY over the next 5-10 years. The knowledge industry, the Medical Campus, and the University and College network are a perfect combination for growth and success. 

“My life works in Buffalo Niagara because it is a small city with all the things that a big city provides including a vibrant and growing Life Sciences business sector with unlimited potential. - Marty Berardi, President of Medical Devices Group, Moog Inc. Moog is an international company employing over 2,500 jobs in Buffalo Niagara.