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White Cow Dairy

"My life works in Buffalo Niagara because I belong to a herd of homegrown cattle. We make milk from our grass and grass-hay diet; completely natural and free of hormones. Living on a 4th generation New York State family farm in East Otto, Cattaraugus County, I couldn’t be happier!"
— Krissy the Brown Cow, White Cow Dairy

White cow dairy is a totally sustainable family farm foods project promoting local foods for local communities. Producing traditional, fresh dairy foods made with the milk of a grass and grass-hay herd of homegrown cattle on a 4th generation New York state family farm in east Otto, Cattaraugus County. This southern area of New York is well suited for raising live stock on grass, White Cow Dairy has capitalized on that benefit.

Farm owner Patrick Lango, and partners Bill and Marion Anderson, attribute White Cow’s their high quality specialty dairy products to the 50 homegrown, grass-fed cattle. The soils, grass, and cows are the foundation for making specialty dairy products. Grass fed herds are healthier, have healthier calves, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

White Cow Dairy offers fresh specialty dairy, including milk, a variety of raw milk yogurts and custards. Mr. Lango is also working to develop a line of artisan dairy products. This line will include cottage cheese, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese. All products are packaged in environmentally-friendly, recyclable glass bottles. These high quality dairy products are marketed and sold through local outlets.

Buffalo Niagara Enterprise and National Grid conducted an Agricultural-Business study in 2007 to provide materials, information and guidance to help lead to the development of new and existing agricultural-businesses in Western New York. Dairy, including specialty cheese and yogurt, biofuels, and wineries were highlighted as the most desirable for economic development agricultural in the region. For a complete look at the Agriculture-Dependent Economic Development for Western New York State Study, view our Agribusiness page.

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White Cow Dairy

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White Cow Dairy

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