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Sundra Ryce

"My life works in Buffalo Niagara - a place where I can balance family life with running my business and motivating youth for success in a region that is rich with potential."
Sundra Ryce, President and CEO, SLR Contracting and Service Company, Inc

As a child growing up in Buffalo, I was exposed to the world of construction - starting at age 12 - in my father's construction business. After graduating with a business degree and working for my father, who encouraged me to start my own business, I launched SLR Contracting and Service Company in 1996.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a CEO is balancing my professional life with my family life. Both are important to me. And with a strong support system of family, friends and other CEOs...especially women...I have learned to adapt strategies to overcome this challenge. The Buffalo Niagara region allows for such balance with its short drive commutes and recreational variety.

With "Building in Excellence" as my company motto, I have successfully steered SLR into an innovative and competitive construction company, with sales that have doubled each year. My parents are still my Number One mentors. They pushed me and taught me at an early age that there are no limitations in my life, except the ones I allow. With these thoughts in mind, I also make time to mentor others. With the support of my husband and two children, I speak publicly at workshops, seminars and keynote addresses where I share my vision and creativity with others who wish to start their own businesses.

Buffalo Niagara has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in public and private education and continues to grow. SLR is a member of the Ciminelli Construction team in Buffalo that will help oversee the $1 billion, 10-year Buffalo Public Schools renovation project. Buffalo Niagara students score well above the national average on standardized tests. Part of the reason for that success is Buffalo State College, where I serve on the board of directors. Buffalo State is regarded as one of the best in the nation at educating educators and produces graduates who stay and work in the region's schools.


SLR Contracting and Service Company, Inc.
260 Michigan Ave., Buffalo, NY

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