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Annual Report 2013/14

As we welcome you to Buffalo Niagara Enterprise’s 2013-2014 Annual Report, we can’t help but think what an exciting time it is to be living and working in Buffalo Niagara!  

The announcements of unprecedented resources and exciting new initiatives have taken root and are now translating into tangible results.  Cranes in the air are being transformed into finished structures with more groundbreakings in the future.  Companies that some would have never thought would consider investing in our region are now calling Buffalo Niagara home.  Public and private partners are working together with a common purpose, shared vision and people outside our community are taking notice. 

Perhaps most importantly, we are not just sitting back and admiring these successes.  We are rolling up our sleeves and working to capitalize on the momentum that has been created.  

In a very competitive economic development environment, 2013-2014 brought a 60% increase in BNE project wins over last year while we exceeded our goal for creating and retaining quality jobs.  Our staff has become even better integrated with our public partners and their programs.  Refinements in our processes are generating higher quality opportunities for jobs and investment with strong potential for conversion to wins.  The skill sets and effectiveness of our employees was reinforced through our partnership with NYSERDA and NYSEDC on the Economic Development Growth Extension (EDGE) program.

The value BNE brought to the economic development delivery system last year was heightened through the proactive application of our research tools on new programs ranging from START-UP NY to Global NY along with a myriad of requests for assistance from our partners throughout the community.  From our website and blog to our annual report and the “Are You Right for Buffalo?” video series, our marketing department continued to produce award winning materials and messaging that successfully captured why Buffalo Niagara is a region on the move upward.  

The successes identified in the 2013-2014 report aren’t the only good news we have to celebrate and they don’t mark the end of this great story.  Instead, they form the beginning of what we hope will be an even better and brighter 2014-2015 year!

Randall L. Clark                  Thomas A. Kucharski

Chairman                             President & CEO